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10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

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Everyone has had an unpleasant landing experience. However, when you learn about the safety conditions at these airports, it will make you reconsider whether to classify your incident in terms of “scary” or “unsafe”. The airports listed here spread around the globe are not suitable for the faint-hearted. Would you dare travel to one of these airports?

Lukla Airport, Nepal

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The airport is the main point of entry for visitors who want to go to Mt. Everest. If you think climbing Mt. Everest is difficult, then flying to the airport near Mt. Everest could not be any more straightforward. The runway at the airport is among the most compact in the world and is in the middle of mountains. The problem is that there is no electricity at the airport which makes it difficult, sometimes impossible for pilots to communicate with air controllers. There are occasions when planes have landed without any assistance. Three airlines are willing to fly to and from the airport. 

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If you believed that this was the most shabby airport in the world then you’re wrong…

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