12 Tips to Conserve Your Cars And Truck From Theft

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Most likely, you didn’t know that truck thief are capable of stealing cars and trucks. Even your car can be stolen in 20 seconds. A former burglar said that he and his accomplices had to move quickly. The fact that someone was calling the cops from just the moment they broke into someone’s house window meant that they had to act quickly. They didn’t just target cars that had been parked for a while, but also cars whose owners had taken a few seconds or minutes to get something down. They moved so fast, that no one was safe.

 wants to warn you about several things that could prevent your car from being taken or broken into.

Keep your most valuable items in the trunk

Burglars are so busy that they almost never open the trunk. The trunk is the only thing they will take from the vehicles and trucks. You would be smart to keep valuable items inside, such as luggage, coats, or even your bag.

Always park in an area with lights

It’s obvious why parking your car in a dark place can make it unsafe. Although the previous thief claimed that they never broke into cars parked in well-lit areas of the city, he only did so to steal those parked somewhere dark at night. To ensure that anyone sees any crime, it is important to choose a spot with enough light.

Take off your radio’s faceplate

Thieves want to take your truck and car radio systems. They will be dissatisfied if you remove the faceplate and hide it somewhere else in your vehicle. They’ll either notice that the faceplate is missing or they won’t break into your car. They won’t have time to look around your car, so they may move on to the next vehicle.

Hide your valuables under your car seat

You can place your bag under your seat if you don’t want it to be visible. Thieves will most likely take a look inside your car before stealing it. They will likely move on if they don’t find anything they want. They won’t risk being caught if you hide anything valuable under the seat of your child.

Tinted windows may be helpful if you drive a very nice car

The association of expensive and large cars and trucks with colored windows has been established. It’s more than just keeping things stylish and beautiful. These home windows can help protect your car from being burglarized by thieves as they won’t have access to the contents. The risk is too great and they don’t have enough time. You can see it to find the recommended tinting density before installing them, or you can have it done by a professional.

Check to make sure your car has a GPS tracker

Although this measure is only for those with expensive cars or trucks, it is something everyone should be aware of. Expert burglars may want to inspect your daily routine for a set amount of time in order to determine when and where it is best to steal your vehicle. They may even want to know where you live and break into your house. You should be more aware of the possibility that a general practitioner tracker might be in your car every now and again.

Do not leave personal information in documents

A burglar could break into your car and truck, and find nothing but paper with your name and address. They might consider visiting you even if they are aware that you are not there. The burglar will target you even if someone else lives in the house. But, they will wait until everyone has gone to take their actions.

Advertise your car’s security system

If thieves see a sticker label with your vehicle’s alarm or strobe lights, they will most likely leave. You can still put a sticker on your alarm system, even if it doesn’t exist. If they truly want your truck or cars, masters will find a way of disabling your alarm system. They will cut the wire that connects to your alarm system’s battery.

Imagine you own a very expensive vehicle. You can create a second battery to make sure you have the last laugh.

Certain brands are more popular than others

According to The National Insurance Policy Crime Bureau, there are certain car brands that burglars are most interested in and others that they don’t care about. In the US, 16732 Toyota Camry models were stolen in 2016. This information is crucial and you should ensure you look at the most important vehicles each year to make sure you protect your vehicle if it is on that list.

Don’t leave spare keys in your car

Some people keep an extra collection in their cars or trucks, so they can be easily accessible from their homes. An ex-burglar claims that he found many types in the door, handwear cover, center console, door and alter tray. The vehicle was also taken away by the burglar as a gentleman. You now know how obvious an activity like this can be so make sure you keep your keys safe in your home. This will prevent house thefts.

Install motion sensors lights outside of your house

The electrical cost will be higher than usual. These lights are useful, however. Thieves will most likely continue walking if they see motion-sensing unit lights outside of a house that is shining light on your car. To make sure burglars cannot reach them, it is important to first ensure that the lights are not too high. Once they are positioned at a factor that’s as low, the burglars will remove the light bulb from the fixture and continue their criminal activities. Don’t leave money in your car
People like to have some money or extra cash in their cars for emergencies. Your money can be seen as a way for thieves to break into your car. You can still keep your money safe in a secure place. Two great hiding spots are the ashtray or your expense mirror.

How useful are these preventive measures? These preventive techniques can really stop thieves from stealing your car? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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