15 Things You Should Never Wear During A Flight

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It’s a challenge that everybody has encountered If you’re traveling, you need to ensure that you’re relaxed and looking the most attractive. The process of selecting the right travel attire isn’t always straightforward, as it has to fit in with the requirements to handle the challenges of climbing a flight of steps and carrying heavy bags. Also, it must be cool but not so cold that the air conditioning makes you feel chills at the time you arrive at your destination.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 15 items you should not wear on a plane.

Follow this guideline and you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling fabulous, as well stylishly as always.

High heels

It’s not necessary to include this on our list. But if aren’t used to wearing heels, the day of your flight is not the ideal time to try it out. They put pressure on the soles of your feet. As a result, after just one night they could be very painful. Add the stress of carrying a heavy case and you’ve got yourself a traveling nightmare. Avoid it!

This is the obvious choice, but the next one may be a surprise to you.

A new style

If you’ve just purchased the latest cashmere sweater and you’re eager to try it on and display it on the runway but it’s better to hold off until you reach your destination. There is a chance of spilling food or drinks on it in the turbulence that fills those tiny spaces of the seats. Therefore, only wear something brand new when you’re sure that you’re not damaging it during the journey however the best way to ensure this is to make sure you don’t consume any food or drinks on the plane, which I would not recommend on all. Dressing in clothes you aren’t afraid of getting filthy is always the most secure option available!

Let’s now move to the more adult side of things.


The onesies, jumpsuits, and the suits… Any item that can make getting to bathrooms difficult even in an ordinary situation can make it difficult to use an airplane bathroom with a long line waiting outside. It’s not a good idea to strip off your clothes with the added stress of having a large number of people waiting to finish your bathroom when you could have walked getting into and out of the bathroom in just two minutes. Be sure to dress in something that is simple and there won’t be any hassle.

The next one might seem to be a good idea but it’s not.

A summer dress/shorts

Although this may sound like a good idea when you’re traveling to a hotter climate and need to prepare, you must make sure that you bring warm clothing also. In the beginning, you must be aware that you’ll have to return to your home in a colder climate eventually and you must be prepared for that. Apart from that, airplanes can be notoriously cold due to the altitude as well as the air conditioning, and, even though the destination you are traveling to might be hot, your journey isn’t.

The best thing to do is to pack some warm clothing for the flight.

The next tip has to do with this one quite a bit.


If you don’t have the best comfortable flip-flops you can find it’s probably best to take them off your luggage for your flight. Flip-flops aren’t the best option as they provide little assistance for the feet. So when you’re standing for long periods it is better to go with white trainers or formal black shoes. Another problem is the cold climate in the aircraft, you wouldn’t wish to travel for hours while having cold feet. If you’re concerned about the smell of your feet when you wear shoes, consider using sprays on your shoes, and refreshing mint sprays for your feet. A spare pair of socks will never hurt anyone and can be ideal if you need to smell fresher.

Uncomfortable fabric

Any day can be a miserable day to wear itchy woolen sweaters however, it has no place on a plane. There’s not much space for comfort and making you feel comfortable is crucial and is almost impossible with a garment that ought to be burned. Instead, choose something that you are confident looks and feels good, such as the big, baggy jacket or your most comfortable cardigan.

Some people take this idea a bit too far as you’ll read in the next article.

Your pajamas

Although it’s tempting to just leave the house to catch a flight at 5 am and wear your PJs during the flight, you’ll be thinking about how co-passengers might think about it… In case you’re looking to feel comfortable, you ought to wear athleisure clothes instead. It’s similar to however you’ll get only a few glances strolling along the aisle.

The next step could keep you from getting into difficulties at the airport.

Metal sweaters

If you’ve got a glittering Christmas sweater waiting to go, it may be worthwhile to check if the glitters are made of metal, as they usually are. This is not just an uncomfortable journey, but also they could activate the metal detector at security, and you could be scrutinized by customs officers. This adds stress you don’t need and don’t need, which is why it’s best to put the luggage in your bag for the holiday season instead.

Heavy perfume/aftershave

However tempting it might be to test every free sample available in the duty-free stores before boarding the flight, don’t take it on, your fellow passengers will be thankful for it. Although these scents are quite nice on their own, however, a mixture of 15 different scents isn’t. Even if you choose to stick with one perfume, limit it to a couple of sprays, or else the scent could overpower others in the group.

The next one may surprise you.


It is possible that this only applies to passengers flying in the company of United Airlines as two teenage girls were unable to board their plane. The company’s representatives said that they were not in compliance with the dress code of the airline and yes, you read it the right airline dress code. Many airlines will allow you to wear leggings but avoid wearing them if you aren’t sure.

Long pants

Although a loose-fitting shirt will not be a problem if your whole outfit appears a bit like a clown’s costume or a clown suit, it might appear like you’re concealing something. This isn’t the kind of look to wear when you’re in a rush and need to pass through security fast.

The reverse is true as you will observe in the next section.

Tight clothing

Clothing that is too tight will make you feel uncomfortable everywhere, but particularly on flights. The feet naturally expand during flights, and wearing tight clothing around your feet and ankles will not be comfortable. It could be dangerous on an extended flight. Select something that is more comfortable and lets your skin breathe.

Plastics that can be abrasive

It could be surprising, however, that wearing clothing that is provocative about political messages or anything similar that could offend passengers could cause you to be kicked off your flight. If you’re uncertain about whether your outfit is offensive, you should make sure you check the dress code of your airline. If you’re not willing to put that too much time and effort, then a great general rule is If you’re not sure whether you can dress for a family get-together and you’re not sure, it’s wise to keep it in your luggage.

The final one is the most obscure.

Wear winter clothes only

As you would want to have the possibility of putting on an extra layer of clothes it is important to ensure that you don’t put on just a sweater as your primary piece of clothing. This could make the long journey to the airport more difficult. Be sure to wear an uncomplicated top in case you must get to your flight on time to avoid arriving at the airport sweaty. Which is not a pleasant experience for any person.

What to Wear?

Make it easy. It is important to carry some extra layers. Choose a comfortable garment. If you’re looking to feel comfortable, that does not mean that fashion is completely out of the window. Wear white, grey, and black with beige or black clothes that are made with the most breathable fabrics. Also, don a scarf. It’s perfect as an extra blanket to are taking a nap, and it always makes an outfit look stylish.

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